Welcome to MAIKE Magnetics! 

MAIKE Magnetics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005,

and located in Mian Yang---the only National Science and Technology City in China.

Maike is specialized in designing and manufacturing various magnetic components for more than 20 years. Mainly including SMPS (switch mode power supply) transformers,Planar transformers,RF transformers,Integrated magnetic transformers,High frequency transformers,Low frequency transformers,common mode chokes,SMD inductors as well as customized transformers, inductors/choke coils, Filters and auxiliary product wire harnesses, etc.,  They are widely used in Electrical Utility industry,New energy,Medical Electronics, Industrial control,Automotive electronics,Digital power amplifier,LED lighting systems,Security Systems.,etc.

Our Engineers have more than 20 years of experience in R&D, design and management. They are proficient in the R&D and design of high-frequency transformers and inductors with different topologies of switching power supplies. We provide customers with optimized designs based on different topologies of switching power supplies. During the customer R&D and design stage We provide power engineers with excellent magnetic component solutions to help customers minimize product size, improve power supply and transformer efficiency, reduce costs, and provide good EMI solutions.

MAIKE  has obtained ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification,and strictly follows these system requirements in our production and operations.Products comply with UL,RoHS,TUV,VDE,CE,GS,EMC and other national safety and environmental standards certifications.

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 Why choose us --

MAIKE has a team with rich practical experience( in magnetic materials and components,as well as senior power supply engineers to cooperate with customers in R&D and debugging various power supplies. 

Whatever your requirements - we guarantee to give every order our utmost attention. We are capable of adapting production techniques to meet particular needs.Customized products are available.Every SMPS transformer is unique. Maike can help you design and manufacture customized switch mode transformers. A well designed switching power supply transformer (SMPS transformer) will provide the best service and use experience.

Critical quality control --Incoming raw materials Inspection,On-site Inspection and 100% inspection of all finished products and failure analysis to ensure that our magnetic components are of the highest quality possible before delivering products to our clients.MAIKE has been certified to the international ISO 9001.Products comply with UL, RoHS, TUV, VDE, CE, GS, EMC and other national safety and environmental standards certifications.

Cost-effective price & On-time delivery -- MAIKE work closely with our clients to give them the product they want in timely and offer the most cost-effective price.